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Help have a Pace "effect" on this budding student business!

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What we hope to accomplish:

Pace University’s Entrepreneurship Lab is pleased to help provide seed funding to launch student-developed businesses such as this student’s entrepreneurial project. Your gift to this campaign will be entrusted to the Pace University Entrepreneurship Lab, which will allocate all funds for the below indicated uses:

Hi, my name is Jon Hand. I'm a senior at Pace University, and the founder of Kustomyze.com. This website started as nothing more than a project for my Entrepreneurial Implementation class, but now Pace is giving me the opportunity to turn this project into a commercial business. I am seeking to raise $1,925 to launch Kustomyze.com.

What I need:

Website - $1,000 - Development and search engine optimization
Marketing - $500 - Search Engine Marketing, Pay-per-click advertising
Production Supplies - $425 Sublimation ink, Sublimation paper

TOTAL - $1,925

How I plan to say thank you:

As a token of my appreciation for your donations to the Pace Entrepreneurship Lab, I am offering various gifts at different levels of donation:

Level 1: Anyone who donates over $10 will receive a personalized, handwritten "thank you" note.
Level 2: Anyone who donates over $75 will receive a limited-edition "Pace Effect" t-shirt, AND a personalized, handwritten "thank you" note.
Level 3: Anyone who donates over $100 will receive a limited-edition "Pace Effect" smartphone case*, AND a personalized, handwritten "thank you" note.
Level 4: Anyone who donates over $150 will receive a limited-edition "Pace Effect" smartphone case* AND a limited-edition "Pace Effect" t-shirt, PLUS a personalized, handwritten "thank you"

*Please be aware that, at this time, Kustomyze.com only offers cases for the following smartphones: iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. If you do not have any of these smartphones, you can choose to receive a t-shirt as your gift, or you can give your gift to someone else, or you can choose to forego your gift.

About the Entrepreneurship Lab: The Entrepreneurship Lab is a collaborative workspace designed to bring together students from Pace’s six Schools and Colleges in order to promote cross-disciplinary problem solving, experiential learning and the development entrepreneurial mindset. For more information about the Lab, and to register to use it, please visit www.pace.edu/elab.

About Jon: Jon Hand is a senior at Pace University, set to graduate in December 2013. He is a marketing major with a concentration in advertising and promotions. Jon has held several leadership positions while at Pace, including Secretary of RHA, President of the Advertising Club, and President of the Advertising Team. Jon gathered 4 years of experience in producing experiential marketing events for Nike when he worked at MKTG, Inc. With graduation right around the corner, Jon has decided to launch Kustomyze.com, an idea that started out as a project for his Entrepreneurial Implementation class.

About Kustomyze.com: Kustomyze.com will be a website where you can customize everything from t-shirts to iPhone cases, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind product, just for you. Upload your own images, or import photos from Facebook or Instagram to create a memorable accessory or to give to someone special as a gift.

Thank you for your support of the Entrepreneurship Lab and Jon Hand!